Friday, May 1, 2015

Swampingly Busy and Pics from Paducah

It's me and Julia Graber in Paducah! 

 Or is is Julia and me!? Lol. Actually it has been 2 weeks since I've posted and I want to keep you at least a little up to date! You may remember that I went off to Quilt Week in Paducah, KY last week and part of my time there was happily spent signing books at the National Quilt Museum. 

We had so much fun gabbing with the nicest quilty ladies there.

This is the best pic of me. I think I should spend all my days looks up and over!

Don't know what other's might think of my mental capabilities if I did that though... 

Here I am with my quilt Interwoven.
I can't tell you how thrilled I was to know I have a quilt in that exhibition. How cool is that!? 

The plaque by my quilt.

Ok, since I mentioned that I'm swamped, let me just explain that I have TONS of photos of quilts but no time to organize them into nice categories. I'll just be adding them to my blog here willy nilly for months I fear.

In two weeks the professional quilting world will gather in one place - Minneapolis, MN for Spring Quilt Market. RJR fabrics had sent me some fabrics to make some quilts and patterns for them and I've finished the first quilt and the first pattern write up. WHEW! They want the quilt and the pattern there for Quilt Market in week.

They are making a kit from their fabric, and the kit isn't available until Quilt Market so when it is ready, I'll post it.

In the meantime, here are some of the fantastic quilts I took pictures of. I hope you like them! 

"For Tanya" by Emily and Miriam Coffey

Learning improvisational piecing is on my To Do list! Wow!

Detail, "For Tanya" by Emily and Miriam Coffey

"Autumn Flavor" by Kiyoko Matsumoto

"The Colors of Italy" by Karen Turnbull and Laguna Niguel

"If They Were in P.E.I."  by Hiroko Miyama

"One Hundred Years" at Rest by Nikki Hill (Commemorates the sinking of Titanic)

The quilt show was set up like little booths so it was impossible to get straight on shots of many of the quilts. I did what I could though! 

"Take 3 Fabrics, Just Add Thread". The quilters are Mary Reinhardt and Page Johnson
 WOW - great colors and design. And embroidery and beadwork... ! 
Detail of  "Take 3 Fabrics, Just Add Thread". The quilters are Mary Reinhardt and Page Johnson

"The Glow of the Coast at Sunrise" by Nobuko Kotani and 21 friends!

"Cherry Blossoms at Night" by Makiko Aoki

A detail of the confetti quilting - "Cherry Blossoms at Night" by Makiko Aoki

"It takes the Case" by Karlyn Bue Lohenz

"Kaleidoscope" by Yurie Suzuki

Isn't this just the prettiest quilt? I love it. 

A detail from "Kaleidoscope" by Yurie Suzuki

That's all for me. It is nearly 3 pm here in Wisconsin and if you can believe it I've been sitting here at my computer since 7am.  My poor little butt is sore!!

(So are my knees...)

Hopefully I'll be able to get some quilting/sewing done here next week. I'm dying to start another quilt and have lots of ideas! (No surprise there!)

I hope you all have a great weekend and a happy healthy week ahead.  


  1. Cathy, you are very photogenic! And, as always, thanks for the wonderful quilt photos!

  2. How exciting for you! Quilt Week in Paducah can be exhausting but oh, so fun. I enjoyed seeing all the quilts - such amazing talent.

    1. I took sooo many photos - this blog just touched the tip of the iceberg. Hubby and I camped at Hillman Ferry campgrounds in the Land Between the Lakes and it was beautiful. (We hiked a bit and road our bikes on some of the trails.)

      We actually only went into the city 1 day. It was exhausting - but wow. Such amazing quilts in so many styles using so many techniques. I just love the whole quilting hobby... petting the fabrics and seeing the beautiful works of art. What's not to love!? I'm glad you were able to see them in person - it is always better that way. Thanks for writing!