Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Quilts from the AQS show in Paducah, 2015

Georgetown Wedding by Ann L. Peterson

 I'm actually hoping to blog 2 times this week, knock on wood. I thought I'd show you a few more quilts from the wonderful AQS show in Paducah last month and then I'm going to show you what Spring Quilt Market looks like. (Lots of fun; new fabrics, new products and new quilt patterns!) 

So, without further ado, let's get to the quilts.

I'm friends with Ann on facebook and knew I was looking at a great quilt before I even saw her name. I love the way her colored stars float and the way my eye follows the links of the wedding 'chain' as the colors weave through the design.

Plus the quilting was awesome. 

Detail, Georgetown Wedding

"Bamboo in the Moonlight" by Fumiyo Chisaki
 Bamboo grew out of Fumiyo's improvisational piecing.  Of course I loved the colors and design! 

"Our Friend Kimbo" by Shirley P. Kelly
 Isn't this a wonderful celebration of the life of their beloved horse? 

"Lady of the Northern Lights" by Northern Lights Machine Quilters Guild
 This quilt just glows. They did a great job picking the colors... all those triangles make me a bit dizzy though! 

Siberian Tiger by Lys Axelson

 "Nostalgia" by Marie-Paule Gherardi
 This quilt commemorates Marie's childhood. Many generations of her family lived in this country and they had to flee due to political reasons. 

"At the Window" is a gorgeous imaginary scene. Made by Aiko Saito and 8 friends.
 This quilt was part of the Group Quilts category.

"Forever" by Sechiko Suzuki
 I think "Forever" is one of the most delicately beautiful quilts I've seen. She created it to celebrate the love between she and her husband.

"On the Wing", made by Pam Hill
This is a whole cloth painted quilt.

"Treasures of Egypt" byJennifer Horsford
 Jennifer was inspired by the treasures hidden in the ancient tombs of Egypt. 

 "Just Passing Through" by Ann Turley
 Wonderful and whimsical, what is not to like about these giraffes? The quilt makes me smile. 

"My Hanafuda" by Yukiko Sugaya
 Yukiko was inspired by the traditional Japanese playing card. 

Made by Nancy Arseneault, it is called "The Quilt with the Dragon Tattoo"
 Nancy helped design a tattoo for her husband and then decided she wanted it for a quilt too. 

Barbara Clem "Tulip Serenade"
 So pretty and perfect for spring! 

"Ninja" by Yuko Murakami

 So unusual and her quilt shimmers and glows. She was inspired by Ninjas from Japanese history, but.... I don't see any Ninjas hiding in it, lol. I wonder if the intricate knots symbolize anything? 

"Feathering the Stars" by Jamie Wallen and JoAnne Louis.
 Gorgeous quilting from Jamie the Master. If you don't know who he is, better google it. He has a great website and lots of tools to help machine quilters do exquisite work. 

"Quilt Noir"  by Shirley Gisi
 You may know of Shirley's landscape quilts. This contemporary quilt was inspired ironically by the film noir genre's color palette of the 1940's or so.  Her quilting adds even more geometry to the design. I have a detail of the quilting for you - 
 One last quilt for today. A lovely traditional quilt - 
 "Universe" by Masako Fukuda.

Time to go. I'm back to the sewing room working on another quilt for RJR. I'll show it to you next time... if I remember, lol. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Was für wunderschöne Quilts !
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely quilts from AQS 2015!

    1. You are welcome - I'm glad you liked looking. :)