Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Quilts and Fun from the Paducah Quilt Show

Beneath by Wing by David Taylor
 This week was another of those kinds of weeks where I hardly had any time in my sewing room. I'm starting to work on another quilt for RJR and have 2-3 others in my mind that I'm dying to make.

Sometimes I get frustrated and think that everyone in the world - especially family - needs to understand that quilt making is my 'business' and 'job'. Or to put it in other words; leave me alone so I can do what I want. *Insert evil laughter* 

I think we must all feel that way at times.

So instead of turning into a mad woman, I'm just shrugging it off and going with the flow. Kids are home from college, errands must be done and there is no room for selfishness. Finding balance is the key.

This was our campsite in Paducah; Hillman Ferry Campgrounds and did we ever get a great site! Down by the water with no body blocking our view! That is hubby as we were getting ready to go on a bike ride. 

Hillman Ferry, Land between the Lakes, Kentucky
 Speaking of biking - this is from one of the trails. Nice, huh!? 
Bike trail

Wild turkey
 The US Forest Service manages this forest and recreational area and one of their exhibitions was of native wild life in a somewhat natural setting. This big guy was showing off for us so I obliged him and took a photograph.

Then we went to the quilt show and lo and behold! a wild turkey quilt. 
Strutting His Stuff by Lianne Schellenberg 
 I loved her use of prints to capture the effect of feathers. What a great quilt! 
 While signing books at the National Quilt Museum, I met a facebook friend face to face. This is Betty Hahn by her gorgeous quilt from the SAQA exhibit Food for Thought. 
We look like twins wearing dark jackets and carrying our books the same way! Lol. 
 Before I get back to the show I want to show you a couple of quilts made by Penny Q. These were projects she made from my new book. *Insert Shameless Plug* 
Cathy's book

Though this was an 'advanced' project from my book, she made it and it was only her 2nd strip pieced quilt! Didn't she do a great job!? 

Penny Q's "Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset"
 Penny's first quilt project from my book was the poppy quilt. She found a perfect place on her wall to hang it. She also adapted the pattern to suit her own tastes - this is a great quilt in neutral colors. 
Penny Q's "Poppies in the Rain and Mud" 
 Back to the quilt show.  The quilts were hanging in 3 sided alcoves so it was really hard to get photographs of quilts hanging on the 'sides'.  I used my photoshop light program and fixed what I could. 

Unfortunately, I missed the other half of this quilt when I snapped the photograph. This is a book cover, the dragon is the 'front' of the book. Cathy even added a book mark ribbon, isn't this neat?!
Oscar - A Dragon's Tale by Cathy Wiggins
 Here is another dragon. You may know the story from the movies "Clash of the Titans" or from the myth itself. This is Perseus slaying the sea monster and saving his future wife. 
Perseus Saving Andromeda by Marilyn Belford
 The above quilts were in the Large Wall Quilts Pictorial division, the next few quilts are from Large Modern and Group Quilts. 
Cross Purposes and Loose Ends by Susan Mogan
 Susan says she had no 'plan' when she began piecing this quilt, she just cut/sliced and sewed patches together until the quilt top told her it was done. I've got to learn improvisational piecing! I love the textures, colors and designs of so many of these types of quilts!

This next quilt is a beautifully done 3 color quilt.
"Jewels of the Heart" by the Faithful Circle Quilt Guild (quilted by Jodi York-Caraballo)

"The Silhouette of an Angel" by Yukie Sato and 13 friends
 This gorgeous quilt is the silhouette of the angel's trumpet flower at twilight. 

My last quilt for the week was inspired by radar images of tornadoes as they blew through Moore, Oklahoma. The quilting is fantastic if you ask me! 
"Radar" by Ann McNew and Kevin Huffman
 I've always liked the concentric circles quilted over squares. These are so well done! 
Detail from 'Radar'
 And one more detail photograph. 
Detail from Radar
Well, that is if for me this week. I hope you liked the quilts and I'll be bringing you many more as the weeks go by.

Today I'm off with hubby on another bike ride. Sometimes (most times?) wives are their husbands best friends and though the sewing room calls me, so do my commitments to my family. I hope you can find balance too! 


  1. What wonderful quilts! I especially like your photo of Tom Turkey and his quilted counterpart! lol

    1. That was a pretty cool quilt wasn't it?! I wonder if she went to Paducah one year, saw the same exhibit, took a picture and then used it as a pattern, lol.

      It was an amazing show and I have hundreds more photos to process and show. Have a good day!