Friday, January 2, 2015

More Great Book Reviews!

Lovely Landscape Quilts
I'm so excited about the book reviews! Debbie from Stitchin' Therapy wrote "Cathy has gotten glowing reviews since the book was released, and I am hopping on the wagon and saying it is a keeper for me!"

She created the prettiest photo of the book with some flower fabrics she bought. 
Thanks Debbie! 
Here is the full review - 

"The new book is this one, Lovely Landscape Quilts by Cathy Geier.  I have been following her blog for a time and  have become a big fan of her quilts/designs.   Cathy's blog is full, repeat full, of details and information on her designs and techniques. 

 But back to her new is full of wonderful photos, not only her landscapes, but 9 other quest artists who used strip technique for landscape quilts.  A lot of wonderful eye candy for design inspiration found in the first chapter. 

  The next thing I noticed was the pages.....not slick and glossy, but matte.  They feel like satin, very nice for a change from most books.  She includes a full chapter on details about her technique of strip piecing on tear away foundation----this helps keep everything perfectly straight and flat.  Cathy has gotten glowing reviews since the book was released, and I am hopping on the wagon and saying it is a keeper for me!  I even purchased a few new fabrics.  I expect to be trying this technique soon. 

  So I am going to curl up with my new book, and finish devouring the projects that fill the pages.  Happy stitching." 

This is so sweet - here is a link to Debbie's blog. She has a lot going on and her quilts are lush beauties, filled with color and movement and oodles of inspiration. In fact, I'm following her now... so much eye candy I couldn't resist!

Stitchin' Therapy 

I'm also getting some wonderful feedback on my facebook pages.

  Lily writes - 
Received your new book Lovely Landscape Quilts for Christmas, absolutely delighted with it. It's an awesome book, nice and large with lots of projects and techniques, a really good deal and well worth having... thank you for sharing this..... 

    Shannon writes
I just love your new book Lovely Landscape Quilts - can't wait to make a few projects!

 Susan writes -
 I really enjoyed this book. Most authors of quilting books really only cover one narrow, specific method of working, but this book demonstrates a variety - piecing, fusing, collage, applique, and string piecing. I really enjoyed the variety. I like how she talks about different methods to achieve the results, with best practices for each method. She shows examples that use both mottled/batik/generic fabrics and others that use printed landscape fabrics like flowers.

Specific projects and patterns are included, although I don't tend to use a specific pattern and just plan to use the techniques in my own project. This is a nice long book, plenty of room for details and project examples. I also really liked the gallery that showed strip landscapes from other artists besides the author. Absolutely beautiful photos. 

     Sharon writes -
  It is a beautiful book full of photos of artists quilts. It is well written with step by step photos for creating quilts in this landscape-strip piecing method. There are several products I have heard about but have never seen used. Cathy gives clear instructions in how she uses fabric dye & metallic markers to add shading and highlights to her quilts. She explains products like Bo-Nash 007 Bonding Agent that she uses with tulle, and her use of tear-away foundation to build the quilt on, keeping the strips straight with beautiful results. Plus so many more insights to making her lovely quilts your very own. There are several step-by-step patterns using Cathy's methods included in the book, as well as pull out patterns at the back of the book. Making landscape quilts is definitely at the top of my list of quilts to make in 2015.

     Patty writes -
 Happy girl here. The book is awesome. As I am reading through it, I can hear you speaking. Thank you for all the tips and detailed instructions. The photography is so clear. I love seeing the quilting details.

Comments? Questions? I'd love to hear from you! 

Happy Quilting!


  1. Well, this was a giggle to see you reviewing my review! Thank you for the kind words. I have perused your book so much it is almost dog-eared in places......and I will get started on a small project shortly. To all your need to get this book for details and inspiration.

    1. I'm surprised you saw this blog actually. I didn't post it anywhere because I'm afraid people will get sick of hearing me promote the book...

      Yesterday I wrote the 'real' blog for the week and then I added this one because amazon picks up the latest blog entry and posts it along with the book on their Author pages - I wanted something on the latest blog entry to be about my book to promote sales there. Only I didn't want to promote it so much people would get sick of hearing about it. We get hit with so many messages to buy buy buy and I didn't want to add to them. (Too much, lol.)

      ANYWAY, Thank you for the great review. If you need any help, holler.

      Now to the important stuff. Your quilts are gorgeous and I really like how you arranged them by year so we can all see your progression. The string you you did last year - Winter Dream? - is just beautiful. So is your cover quilt - the one with the around the world block pattern. With all your understanding of value, I bet you won't have any problems working a landscape quilt. You already have a couple under your belt with the tree and the brick wall.

      Have a great New Year and keep in touch! Thank you again for posting. :)

  2. This is a fun post! I have talked a friend & co-worker to landscape quilt along with me! Another co-worker gave us each a print of one of her paintings of a stream a winter woods setting. We are toying with turning that into a landscape quilt! I'm looking forward to trying out your expert methods!

    1. It will be neat to see what you come up with. Let me know if you have any questions!