Friday, August 8, 2014

Upper Midwest Quilt Show - Ann Horton

Ann Horton's quilt "Nine Lives Animal Shelter"
 I'm not the best blogger I guess... This week I'm too busy with everything NOT quilting except for this morning. Instead of coming up with an informative technique blog, I'm just going to show you one of the quilts I saw today at the Upper Midwest Quilt Show in Oconomowoc, Wiscsonsin.  I hope you love this quilt as much as I do!
I have lots of detail photographs because I was so charmed by this quilt.  (I have a kitty and a dog which were rescued at animal shelters.)

Detail from Nine Lives Animal Shelter by Ann Horton

Flowers, background foliage and texture, little details all over the place - even a little butterfly.  It is NOT surprising that this quilt won a ribbon. Her animals are machine embroidered and are so cute.

She even added little bunnies.

Her leaves and stems are embroidered, too. 

I love her background quilting - she added so much texture and foliage with her quilting.

The left side of her quilt was filled with these little fake 'advertisements' about the pets who needed a new home.  I'm just completely charmed by this quilt!

Comments?  What do you think about her wonderful quilt?

I have more photos from the show - there was amazing machine quilting artistry on display there. I hope to show you more when I have time!  


  1. I wish I could see this quilt in person! I am falling in love with it.

    1. Maybe Ann will be sending it out on the show circuit this year? I hope so. I'm glad you weren't bored with this week's blog!