Friday, August 1, 2014

Ann Fahl Quilts

University of Wisconsin, Madison  July 2014

 I had a tough tough time this week and as a consequence I did absolutely nothing on any of my quilting projects.

Katie Rose, RIP July 28, 2014

 This week, I had to put my wonderful companion of nearly 15 years to sleep, It was hard and I spent most of the week crying and missing her. It is kind of wild how we schedule our lives around our pets. We get so used to having them around and when they are not there a huge hole is left.

Anyway, I made a new friend on facebook a number of months ago and we had scheduled a face to face quilty meeting in Madison. Lo! and Behold! a small exhibition of some of Ann Fahl's beautiful quilts was set up at the University a short distance from my friends house!


Three Trilliums by Ann Fahl

 Her compositions are so simple, but so gorgeous. Her thread work, her fabric and color selections are amazing and her quilting adds so much texture and detail.

 Sigh... it was wonderful seeing them. 

Three Trilliums by Ann Fahl, detail

Spring Gift by Ann Fahl
 The lighting in the hall wasn't very good. The clear blues and cool greens of this quilt are pretty muted, but I pulled some detail photographs from an album I set up on my facebook page of quilts from last year's Wisconsin Quilt Expo and this quilt won a second place ribbon there.  Here is a link if you want to check out the whole album, you don't have to be a 'member' of facebook to see it. :)

Wisconsin Quilt Expo 2013 on Facebook

Spring Gift by Ann Fahl, detail

Spring Gift by Ann Fahl, detail
Isn't this GORGEOUS!?!

Trilliums in Technicolor by Ann Fahl
 I really like how she created a muted pastel background for her vibrant colorful blossoms!
Trilliums in Technicolor, detail by Ann Fahl

Trilliums in Technicolor, detail by Ann Fahl

Trilliums in the Sun by Ann Fahl

Trilliums in the Sun, detail by Ann Fahl

Trilliums in the Sun, detail by Ann Fahl
Well... it has been a long hard week, but I'm feeling better.  Next week I'll head back downstairs into my sewing room and hopefully I'll have some of my latest quilt project photos to show you.  I was string piecing all those tons and tons of scraps, remember? (Keep on sewing, keep on sewing... doing my Dory mantra from Finding Nemo).  The blocks are finished, the quilt top is pieced together now, and I've decided to add flowers... lots to do before I'm ready to begin quilting.

Have a good week and I hope you enjoyed Ann's quilts - I sure did!

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