Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sunset continues and continues...

Yay! It is all pieced now. Whew.

Pieced and pressed.  And now I finally decide that that white strip is too white, lol.  Not to worry, I believe in tulle.  Yellow tulle. 3 layers should do it. 

All pieced and tulle stitched in place.

I used Bo-Nash Bonding Agent and fused 3 layers of yellow tulle together. Bo Nash is a powder that you sprinkle on, cover with a fiber glass press sheet and press with a medium iron.

 I really like the stuff, if you use a fiber glass sheet (teflon) it will turn shiny. I've heard though that if you use parchment paper it doesn't.  Someday I'll try it out and see, I don't mind shiny tulle on the sun.  I pinned the layers of tulle over the offending white strip, stitched it down and trimmed off the excess.
Now, on to the tree.   First though, if I had any way to contact the photographer of the photo I'm using for inspiration, I would.  Copyrights should be upheld.  There is a place to find free use photos and that is the morgue file. Here is a link.

If you go there, click "Free photos" and search away. You can even put in 'trees' or 'sunsets' and lots of photographs come up for you to use.

Here is my tree. (From the morgue file) 

You'll notice the pencil lines? I divided the tree in half and half again and drew lines down through the photograph.  From there, I'll use a big piece of paper, or several pieces taped together and divide it up into the same quadrants.  Then I'll try to draw the lines in each quadrant... I'm not a great drawer.
(I don't hold socks or underwear?)

I'm not a great draft person.

Actually, I'll use this tree as a starting point and probably make it lighter and more wind blown. Once the tree pattern is worked out, I'll have to figure out leaves.

That should be fun!

As always, comments are welcome! 

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