Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quilts, Spiders and Snakes

Ok, so maybe not spiders... lol.
National Quilt Museum

I bet you are wondering about me and my sanity about this time! (You wouldn't be the first.)

Hubby and I decided to head down to Paducah, KY to see the big show this year. 

Marriage is all about Compromise. 


  1. 1.
    an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
    "an ability to listen to two sides in a dispute, and devise a compromise acceptable to both"

Not that we have any kind of dispute or anything, but we made a bargain. I get to see quilts, he gets to see snakes.  (Actually, we both get to see both.) This is what happens when you wait until the last couple of weeks before the big quilt festival to decide you are going. No hotels available. There are camp grounds open though. Campgrounds in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois.

I'm kind of excited to be perfectly honest. Snake Road is a place where snakes migrate across from their warm winter hiding places to a nice swamp where they spend the summer doing snakey things. (Like eating other snakes...)  I think it might be fun to see snakes crossing the road.

~Meanwhile in Paducah~

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry has a special exhibit in her studio this year.  I REALLY didn't want to miss it!

 I get Caryl's Corona.  Ted gets a Timber Rattler.

Cosmic Feathers... Cottonmouth snake

Well, I think you get my point. 

Remember the old adage - "Red to black, venom lack. Red to yellow; kill a fellow".  You never know when little trivial facts come in handy!

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Sorry about the snakes - if you really don't like snakes. 

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