Friday, June 22, 2018

The Narrows - Zion National Park. All Done.

The Narrows

 I'm finished! All that is left is sewing on a sleeve and a label. 
There are some detail shots of the quilting in this blog but that is about it. (It will be a short one!)

The gray rock face

Canyon walls and the charcoal rock face 
The quilting was fairly simple - I just echo quilted the different pieces of fabric I had appliqued. I used 40 weight variegated threads for most of the quilting.

I saved the water for last because I knew that was going to be harder to figure out. 
Water quilting - 
 Making waves turned out to be quilting around the places where I had painted on the white foam. To quilt it I used a variegated blue thread with lights and medium values and a very light blue/white. 
More water quilting - and around the rocks
And there you have it. 😊😊

I'm off to Shipshewana, Indiana tomorrow to pick up a couple of my quilts and to see the show.  Road trip - yay!
I'll take pics for you and make another blog when I get home, from past visits to this quilt show I know there will be some awesome quilts on display.
(I won a couple of ribbons there and am very happy about that!)

Now that this quilt is done I'm waiting for inspiration for the next. As usual I have lots of ideas but nothing has grabbed me yet. Plus, it's summer so I think I'll spend some time weeding, planting and walking my dogs. (That didn't come out right, lol.)

Bye for now! 


  1. Amazing!!! How I wish I could study this in person because I know there are lots of details that simply don't show in a photo. Have fun weeding, planting and walking your dogs...hee hee.