Friday, July 11, 2014

Shipshewana Quilt Festival II

Detail from Audubon's American Robin by Marilyn Craig
 Isn't this a glorious piece of fiber art? I was so impressed with this quilt. This week I've been The String Piecing Queen. I'm not ready to show you anything yet... but I do have the last few quilts from the quilt festival. If you want to see more, follow the link in last week's blog to my facebook album.  Here are my favorites from the show.

Audubon's American Robin by Marilyn Craig

Detail, from Audubon's American Robin by Marilyn Craig
 The details and texture of the birds, their wings, the nest, etc. were exquisite! 

Magnolia by Claudia Clark Myers, quilted by Marilyn Badger
 Intricate piecing, glorious colors and perfect quilting... another beauty from this dynamic duo.  I took a couple of detail shots for you.  :)

This next quilt had an interesting color combination and I really liked it. She chose cool light lavender/apricot/cream pastel background fabrics for her tiny color rich blocks. I thought it worked nicely. It was different from what I'd expect in a traditional patchwork quilt, but once again, I liked it!

Jeepers.... It's Jane by Beth Schillig

So I was walking through the quilts and turned a corner to this!  The quilter even referenced my book (Watercolor Landscape Quilts) and said that her quilt was based on a number of my patterns.  I was thrilled - I'll have to try to find her and thank her. 

Ocean View by Beth Nufer 
 I'm giving you a detail shot of the blending techniques used in watercolor quilts.  Really, when you find the right prints they do all the work for you. 

 And of course, my vindication. Night Hunter won a ribbon.  (You may remember my previous blog of a couple of months ago when I was discouraged by a judge's comment about this quilt.  I feel better now!)
Night Hunter by Cathy Geier (me!)

I really liked this next quilt. AND, I wasn't alone - it won Viewer's Choice.
Astral Burst by Beth Nufer

Well that is it for me this week. I'm hoping that by next week I'll have something to show you with all the string piecing I've been doing.  I've barely made a dent in my scraps though, lol.  As always, comments are welcome! 


  1. I am speechless. This is absolutely and amazingly beautiful

    1. There were some gorgeous quilts there, that is for sure! Thanks for writing. :)