Saturday, March 6, 2021



When I get settled I'll be showing you how I made the above quilt. I'm calling it "Ted in Technicolor".

Yep, there is a story here. 

Stay Tuned!


  1. Good luck with the move Cathy! Hope all goes well for everyone.

  2. After spending hours of reading all of your posts I feel like I just met a new friend. I am addicted so tag me as a another success of your luring us into your world-which I love btw. So hoping the move goes well for you-what a good daughter you are to up lift your whole life to take care of your parents, not so sure either one of my kids would do that for me. I will be waiting to see you in blogland.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad you found my blog so helpful.
      I hope to be a little bit up and running within a month or so!