Friday, March 8, 2019

The Cliffs of County Kerry, Ireland - Done

The Cliffs of County Kerry, Ireland
 It's been a few weeks (or months?!) since I posted and I finally finished the Cliff landscape I've been working on for so long. I have a couple of close-up shots to show you  and this will be a short blog I'm afraid. 

Closeup shot

 I used Intense Color Blocks to change the color of the water print fabric I chose and to add the white water at the base of the cliffs. From the last blog you'll read that I used the white color block and drew it on pretty darn thick. Alas, the stuff kind of powdered away as I worked on the quilting. 

So, I put it on again only not so thick and I used a fabric medium to help it blend and be permanent. This still didn't quite accomplish what I wanted so here and there in the foreground water I used a white acrylic paint with a fabric medium and that worked well. (I put it on after the quilting was finished.) 

Closeup of the water
 I quilted the water in long wavy lines with little hooks here and there. Nothing brilliant but the quilting part of making my landscapes is not my strong suit.
Foreground quilting 
 My confetti worked out pretty well didn't it?! During the quilting I made tiny loop da loos in a rich pink/magenta variegated thread to bring out the heather color.
Cliff quilting
When I quilted the cliffs I chose a variegated gray thread and just followed the lines in the rock formations.

I said it would be a short blog, didn't I? This is it. I feel lame for not having more for you but family issues have kept me pretty busy and to tell you the truth I'm a little tired.

I have started thinking about what I'm going to do next though. We must have ideas to ponder when life gets too busy for the actual sewing business! 


  1. I am fascinated in your technique. Correct me if I am wrong but is this technique different than our book? Are you working on a book with this technique of mixed media and freezer paper?

    1. Hi June, this is a different technique. Lovely Landscape Quilts is more about using strips. This quilt is actually only the 2nd one I've done using freezer paper patterns from photographs. I don't feel qualified to teach yet actually... I'm learning as I go along. It's fun though and it requires a pretty big stash to pull it off since there is so much variation in color in photographs. Thanks for writing. :)

  2. This turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. This is one of those things I would love to study in detail (with clean hands, of course!). You did a great job!!

  4. Wow. WOW!! Cathy, this is amazing. The gradations in the cliff stones are intricate and beautifully done. The quilting actually is brilliant in its perfect appropriateness for this piece, and yes, the confetti performed most excellently! I could stare at this, zooming in different portions, all day long.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Lynette! I really appreciate them and I'm glad you like my quilt. (I wish everyone could see the real thing! Those cliffs were amazing.)