Friday, April 15, 2016

Sun Prairie Quilt Show 2016

Come Walk with Me - Best of Show Wall Quilt, Cathy Geier (me!)

 Hi all. I know it has been a while since I posted anything. How do you spell 'burn out?!'  I took a break from a lot of my online/social media posts and finished up 2 quilts for RJR and wrote up a pattern for each quilt.  They will be creating kits from my quilts - that is the good news! The bad news is that I can't show you the quilts until July.  Soooo, though I've been a busy bee, I have nothing to show for it. (When the quilt kits come out, I'll  write up some pages here with some of my in progress photos in case you buy a kit and need a little extra help).

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite quilts from the Heritage Quilt Show in Sun Prairie last month.

Susan Liimatha - Original Design
 I loved her colors and the sparkle and the quilting... well you get the picture - here is a closeup.

Carol Pine - Circle of Life
 Isn't this pretty? I like seeing all the colors on a dark blue background, usually I see this quilt pattern on black. 

Patricia Gaishirt - Seven WomenI thought this was a nice flowing modern quilt.
Laura Moss Gottlieb - Nature Boy
Isn't this a great portrait quilt? She captured the fun and how the boy's shorts got a bit caught on the fence post. She started with a black and white photograph of her hubby. (I know Laura, she is pretty darn cool!) 

Brigadier Victoria Locke - Lauri Ceesay
 A portrait done in the steam punk genre. The woman's name came from a mix of a meme generator thing where you put your name into the program and it translates it into something steam punk. She didn't like exactly what the generator came up with so she used her daughter's name, lol. 

Nancy Zieman - Shadow Play
 Simple and lovely!

Jayne Gilbertson - Fire Island Hosta
 If I remember right, this quilt tied for Viewer's Choice. Subtle colors and beautiful quilting combine to make this classy understated wall hanging. Here is a closeup. 

Evelyn Larrison - Dubai; a Modern City
 All these different blocks stacked with white negative space make this a pretty neat modern urban quilt. 

Sue Vollbrecht - Sapphire Sunrise
Simple applique with clean flowing lines make this a wonderful little modern quilt.

Jen Mulder - Dragon's Jewels
 Love the colors!

Pam Levenhagen and Joanie Zeier Poole - Garden Fantasia 
 This is a wonderful quilt showing the technique where the quilting is done first and then inked/colored in afterwards. It is almost like one of the adult coloring book pages we all like so much.  I took a couple of closeup shots for you. 

Marlene Messling - Flowers in the Window
 Full of beads, patchwork, applique and put together in a great interesting frame. What a great wall hanging! Here is a closeup shot.

Natalie Megon - Feathered Star 
This traditional quilt was done in softer autumn colors and won the Founder's Choice ribbon.

Mary Taft Althaus - Pickled Clamshells 
 Wonderful color and Kaffe type fabrics. This is one of those traditional blocks I love to see in quilts. Here is a closeup. 

Joanie Zeier Poole - Maggie's Birth Quilt
The quilting is exquisite and if you look at a larger image you can see her writing "Wrap up in my love". 

Alice Wieckelt - Salvaging the Salvages - 16  Beige Jewels
 Waste not; Want not!

Nancy Acker - Oh Happy Days Let's Play
 Ok, so I confess I am not a big fan of Sunbonnet Sue. But I know there are a bunch of you who are, so I included this quilt for you.

And the last quilt I have for you is from the incomparable Chris Lynn Kirsch. It is a 3D quilt so this is what it looked from the left. 

Chris Lynn Kirsch - How Beautiful, Liberty
 And this is how it looked from the right!
How Beautiful, Liberty by Chris Lynn Kirsch 
 And this is the quilt straight on. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little quilt show.  Next week I'm off to Paducah, KY. If you are going, look me up! I'll be there looking at quilts on Thursday and then I'll be in the Museum signing books for the American Quilter's Society on Friday morning from 10 -12. (These are the books with the winning quilts from the museum's New Quilts from Old Favorites competition in which I won 2nd Place with Gotta Dance.)  Please come in and introduce yourself!

In the meantime, Happy Quilting Adventures to you!


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for the view of the show!

  2. Thanks for sharing these amazing quilts! Congrats on your award, too!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I hope to be posting more often sometime here... I just have to get more free time. :)

  3. Lovely - I always enjoy your posts. Full on inspiration and ideas.

    1. Thanks Janey, I'm out to make landscaping addicts, lol.

  4. You have great taste! I have so enjoyed reading your post and seeing the gorgeous, inspirational quilts! Sign me up for one of your kits!!