Thursday, October 8, 2015

Landscape Quilts from Wisconsin Quilt Expo 2015

Gotta Dance! 

I finished my quilt and shipped it off to Colorado for photography yesterday. (Scary!)  Lori from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine saw a pic of my quilt on facebook and wanted me to ship it to her for possibly putting it in their magazine. Soooo, within a day of finishing the faced binding, I was removing all the cat hair and fashioning a shipping tube.

Then I filled out the entry form for the National Quilt Museum's New Quilts from Old Favorites contest and saw the date I'll get my quilt back if it is accepted into the exhibition. Gasp - the date is the end of 2017.

I miss my baby already, lol. On the other hand, this expresses my feelings as I walk away from it.

Wait for it...

There is some relief in knowing that the quilt is out of my hands now. I can't fix it up anymore; I can't spend hours looking at all the imperfections in the stitches and I can't obsess about it anymore! Maybe now I'll sleep at night.

On to other things. Fun things!

Last month we celebrated another great quilt show here in Wisconsin, the Quilt Expo.  I took a bunch of pictures, surprise surprise.  Here are some of my favorite landscape quilts. I'll be posting more quilts from the show in later blogs, never fear. 

Barbara's Barn by Shirley Gisi 
I love her quilts. I love her colors. I was so happy to see another one of her works here in Wisconsin. And a perfect season for it,  too! Here is a closeup of her marvelous tree.

Stargazers by Mary Alice Hart
 I have these growing in my garden, They are so pretty and smell so sweet. Mary used both turned edge and raw edge applique to create her flowers and leaves. And here is a detail shot - 

From fall to spring and then back to fall again - how quickly the seasons can change on my blog, lol. 

Come Walk With Me by yours truly. (Cathy Geier)

No ribbons for me alas. I do like my quilt though and the Wisconsin Public Television peoples interviewed me on camera so I was able to share my quilty story. (A mushy lovey dovey story about walking hand and hand in the woods with my husband...) So that was fun. I was hot and sweaty after teaching and probably looked a fright, but we'll see when the video comes out next year.  

~ Now for a quilting Tour de Force ~

On This Winter's Day by Nancy Prince 
2000 hours, 7 years of work and 45 different colors of silk thread! This quilt was truly breathtaking to see. I took lots of pictures including another full image one down below a ways here, but there was never a time when someone wasn't in front of this quilt.

 Enjoy all the detail shots of the embroidery/thread painting and the quilting. What an incredible work of art! 

The coats were all 3 dimensionally built up with thread - you just wanted to pet them. The white glove ladies were standing watch very closely! 

Extraordinary detail on the buildings. 
Beautiful color and shading in the snow, on the water, under the bridge. And the best I could do with getting the whole thing without bodies in the way! 
What a quilt this is!

Field of Flowers by Renelle Kunau
This colorful garden was made of silk. 

Carpathian Mountain Sunset by Cathy Geier - Me!
No ribbon for me here either. I admit to being somewhat disappointed but oh well. 

Look at this cute chickadee - 
Something to Sing About by Janet Besadny
Isn't this a cutie? Janet created her quilt using techniques she learned from David Taylor.  Here is a closeup.

Trish and Tweety by Wendy Butler Berns
Wendy was inspired by some baby cows she saw while riding her bike and decided to create them in a whimsical way.  

Popcorn by Jan Soules
Fused and painted, this is a concession stand Jan loves to see every year. She learned her techniques from a class by Lenore Crawford.

The Riverfront by Barbara Strobel Lardon 
I'm friends with Barbara on facebook and I think this is one of the first times she entered a quilt in a show. She sells her art on etsy and she has a great blog showing you some of the steps she takes when she creates her quilts.
She used tulle to create the fog and paintsticks to create the reflections in the water. 

Garden of Grace by Chris Lynn Kirsch and Wendy Rieves 
They took pictures of Grace Church while in Paducah and decided to make a 'slice' quilt together. It was a quilting adventure working together and Chris writes that 'by God's grace we are quilting friends."

Radiant Roots by Susan Jackan
Painted, fused and quilted with variegated threads, Susan drew her root veggies and took photos of the real leaves to create her pattern. The quilting is terrific!

(And can I take a second to say that I'm really getting sick of seeing feathers on everything?! How impolitic of me - I know, but there are no feathers around her roots!!!) 

Never Say Never by Eileen Daniels
Eileen used wool from old clothing and beads to create her undersea landscape. 

Transcontinental by Kathleen Hughes
Kathleen lives by railroad tracks and likes watching the trains go by everyday. 

View of the Arles with Iris by The Fab 5
Who are the Fab 5? They are a fun group in California. They decided to do a rendition of Van Gogh's painting and do it in a slice form. Pretty fun, yes!?

Ok, I admit to being to lazy to write down their names.
Google them, lol. (Some of them have LONG names!)

Well that is it for me this week. Next week I'll be up north teaching and the week after that I'll be on vacation.
(I won't tell you where I'm going because you might come after me with a rotary cutter.) 

In the meantime, I have a question.  I would like to get one of my quilts in the AQS show circuit this winter and  spring.  I have 2 choices; Carpathian Mountain Sunset or Come Walk With Me. Both are pictured above in my blog here. Which one do you think is better? I like Carpathian, hubby likes Come Walk... if you have any strong opinions, please feel free to comment. 

Thanks for reading and happy quilting! 


  1. Carpathian gets my vote. Both are fabulous

    1. That is the one I chose. Thank you so much for the compliments!

  2. While Come Walk with Me is beautiful, I still find Carpathian Mountain Sunset to be breathtaking :)

    1. Hi Sara, I had to make a quick decision because I messed up some deadline/date and chose to enter Carpathian. Hopefully I made the right one! (Hubby liked Come Walk...)

      Maybe I'll enter both in something next spring? Thanks for sharing your opinion with me!

  3. Carpathian is majestic! Would be stunning even from across the room. I would love to see it in person.
    Cathy, you take the best photographs.....I don't think I've seen any in magazines that are as good. Thanks for taking so much time to share.

    1. Wow, thanks for those encouraging words Ellen, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog so much. In the end, I decided on Carpathian because I'm still enamored of using strips to make landscapes. I'll keeping my fingers crossed that it will get in! Thanks again for the compliments, I really appreciate it.

  4. Replies
    1. So did hubby... but in the end I chose Carpathian because it was a harder quilt to make and I'm more into strips than squares these days. Thanks for the vote though!

  5. Both of the quilts you are asking about are stunning. That said, I am leaning towards Come Walk with Me because that is what my husband and I do - walk at nature preserves and state parks. Which ever you go with, I hope your quilt is accepted into AQS!

    1. I decided on Carpathian after all. Hubby liked Come Walk better too. I guess in the end I went with strips because it show cases my current style of landscape quilt making more than the squares. But anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I get into the show circuit with it. Thanks for writing!