Thursday, August 13, 2015

WI Quilt Museum, Busy Summer and More Quilts from Paducah

Night Hunter at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum 

 It has been a long time since I posted hasn't it? If you remember, the last you heard from me was right before we drove to Virginia Beach to help my daughter move back home. We got there and back in 3 days! And then it took me a day to organize her stuff into one big pile in the only place left in the house - the entry way in the foyer. Yes, we can get in and out of the front door now! 

Did I mention my son is home for the summer too - with all his stuff piled in the living room!? I thought that when you got older and your kids grew up that it was time to buy smaller houses... lol.

Hubby with stuff
 The amazing thing about this ginormous pile, is that we didn't tow a trailer or rent a U-haul. We stuffed it all in the back of the car and in a small car top carrier! My husband is a miracle worker, every nook and cranny was filed. (We do have an SUV, in case you are wondering... it is a Honda Pilot though, not a Suburban).  Here is the guilty party... 

My daughter Lizzy (Elizabeth, I named her after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, one of the greatest female literary characters ever.) 

So, I've had a busy summer. Some fun quilty things are going on though. I'm working on what it turning out to be the hardest quilt I ever made. As a consequence, I haven't blogged. It seems I can't do a lot on social media when I have such a big project I'm involved with.  I'm still not sure it will be successful,  but I will show it to you sometime in the next month or so.  

In the meantime, here are some more pictures from the Wisconsin Quilt Museum. This exhibition is a of fiber art submitted by Wisconsin artists. I was so pleased that Night Hunter was given such a prominant position in the display! (You walk in the gallery and there it is, hanging on a special rack and everything!)

Here are a few pictures from the museum.

 I'm still sorting through pictures from the big AQS contest in Paducah last spring so here are some more beauties from that show. I think these are the last of them though. 

Robbi Joy Eklow, Flowers and Gears
 I love her playful quilts. She has such a great sense of color and she layers it to create illusions of depth and transparency. Plus her quilting is great! Here is a close-up. 

"Sza" or (Silence) by Marina Landi
 Such a beautiful expressive face and don't you love her colors? 

Dazzling Dahlia by Andrea Brokenshire
 Her blossom is painted on silk and appliqued, Then she creates the marvelous background using a confetti quilting technique. This quilt just won a ribbon in the AQS show in Grand Rapids. Here is a closeup of her quilting. Be amazed, be very amazed. 

It all Comes Around by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz
 Wow - speaking of transparency and color! Not to mention design. (And quilting!) 

Awareness: Part and Whole  by Gethyn L. Soderman.
 Isn't this a neat way to design a landscape - using panels?

Robber's Roost by Joanne Baeth
 Beautiful work and if you look way up to the right, you can see who stole what. 

End of Spin by Melissa Sobotka
 She was inspired by empty wooden spools of thread she saw in a store window. Neat, huh? 

Foxgloves and Hollyhocks by Karen Turnbull 
 This landscape is right out of a fairy tale isn't it? I like the edges of this quilt too. 

The Bride Wore Red by Kay Donges
 This is a beautiful portrait of Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, a famous actress. (She was Miss World as well.)

Silences by Olga Gonzalez-Angulo
 Olga captured the idea of silence by using all those empty chairs. 

Splash by Ruth Powers
She was inspired by a photo of her grandson. 
Sanctuary by Karen Donobedian.
 Karen was also inspired by a photograph and she did ask for permission to use it to make the quilt. 

Spring Stroll by Sally Manke
 Isn't this pretty? Sally uses confetti quilting to make many of her landscapes. She incorporated lots of metallic thread and fibers to make this quilt glisten, like it had just rained. 

Impression, Haeundae by Laura West Kong
Laura was inspired by a beach in South Korea 

Well, it is 4am and time for me to try to go back to sleep. The alarm will go off in 1-1/2 hours though so maybe I should give it up?! We have to get up early early here at the Geier household. I hope you all are having a more restful summer and having fun quilting!

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I like Elizabeth Bennet too, a wonderful book and love story.
    So mutch beautiful quilts in the museum !
    Thank you for all the pictures.
    I hope you can sleep a little bit more this night !
    Enjoy the day

    1. I slept last night and it was sooo nice. Today I'm up and running again and working on my quilt.
      Thanks for the kind wishes!