Friday, July 3, 2015

Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2015

Me and my quilt. (Sunset Sentinel)
 This big old long blog is all quilts from Shipshewana's Quilt Festival.  Hubby and I camped and enjoyed the tasty food and the 34 mile Pumpkin Vine bike trail. Yep, we biked the whole thing - and in one day too! Rain came in the next day... 

I did win a 3rd Place ribbon there, so that was fun too! 
 I didn't get much done on that birch quilt I've been working on. Why? Because I hurt my back so badly that I couldn't sit down for very long! This is the source - though you can't tell how big that pot is. 
That black pot had a small tree in it and was at least 2 feet high and wide.

 Sooo, a friend gave me all these marigold bedding plants and I put them all in various containers. I watered them in thoroughly and THEN decided I didn't like them were they were and I moved them. Then lifted them up on bricks so I could see more of them from the house. Ugh! It was sooo heavy and I was soooo dumb to drag it and hoist it around. Enter back pain... 

It was dumb. But I'm recovered and can sit without pain for an hour or two at a time. Lol. 

Time for the quilt show. 

This is Janet Stone's latest quilt. So cute! It had a lovely blue ribbon. 

Ewe are My Sunshine by Janet Stone
 Here are some closeups of the little sheep with little alphabet letters.  She is on a roll with alphabet quilts - this is her 15th in a series.

Callamanda by Terry McCaskey 
 Terry made it for her niece who loves calla lilies. She chose the colors of Virginia Tech where her niece goes to college. 

Hope Springs by Jan Martin
 Jan left big open spaces to show off the quilting. It's a nice modern quilt! 

Sunflower Illusions by Mary Manning quilted by Rogene Fischer 
 Mary paper pieced these Judy Niemeyer patterns. 

Garden Medallion by Sharon Edwards, quilted by Doris Goins
 Sharon hand appliqued using a blanket stitch. 

Letter Carriers by Janet Stone
 Janet loves basket blocks and actually wove these using bias strips. 

The Landing by Joanne Baeth
 Incredible detail and stitching! This is a fabulous landscape - wait until you see the close-ups! 
Joanne said she made the geese feather by feather

Her beautiful mountain

Perennial Panes by Rebecca Yoder 

Autumn's Surrender by Margaret Solomon Gunn
 Pieced in silk, Margaret's quilt is inspired by autumn colors changing to winter. Margaret has bunches of quilts here at the show and all are exquisitely long arm machine quilted.

Along the Fence Line by Jan Berg-Rezmer
 Jan's techniques include raw edge applique, paint and resist dyed background. Jan won the 2nd place ribbon in the Mixed Media category - small. 

Land of Enchantment by Marilyn Craig 
 The caption should be so many books or fairy tales; so little time! These are appliqued figures based on a painting by Norman Rockwell. 

Zen Garden by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Dancing Women by Joy Hess
 This reminds me of a church banner; it is simple with clean lines but carries a message of joy.

The Indiana Bat by Cindy Loos
 This species of bat is endangered and Cindy wanted to draw attention to it's plight. She used a split complimentary color scheme. 

Remembrance by Jan Hutchinson 
 Jan won a 2nd Place ribbon in mixed techniques - large for her quilt. She was inspired by Jacobean crewel work and used trapunto and threadwork to make her original design. 

Prairie Star by R. David Fritsch, quilted by Holly Schlosser
 R. David uses a Judy Niemeyer pattern for this quilt and had fun picking the colors. 

Murdererskill Crossing by Janet Atkins

 Personally, I think this quilt should have a ribbon on it. 

Frankly speaking, I wish judges would give a little more weight to those quilts where the quilt maker created her own (or his own) pattern. Anyway, I love her colors and her quilting was excellent. 

Exuberance by Marilyn Badger 
 Paper pieced, embroidered and hand appliqued, she made the quilt during the time of her husband's illness. Here is a closeup of her glorious work. 

Sweetwater Gap Bloodroot by Terry Kramzar
 My camera caught the image such that the flowers came out way to white - almost glow in the dark. In the real quilt, they weren't so bright. 

Under the Sea by Sally Owen, quilted by Jan Blanchette
 She was such a nice lady, I had to take her picture by her quilt. 

Aunt Mimi's Flower Garden by Elsie Campbell 
 Isn't that a sweet little butter yellow blue and white quilt? 

Speaking of blue and white...

Sarah's Revival in Blue by Gail Smith, quilted by Karen McTavish
 Gail wanted to use up her blue stash. This blue and white beauty is hand appliqued and machine quilted with trapunto.

Spirit by Georgia Pierce 
 Georgia was inspired by native designs in the Pacific Northwest. I used to live in Ketchikan, Alaska and boy did these figures look familiar!
Everlasting Bouquet by Molly Hamilton
 This was such a beautiful quilt. It was quilted by Cindy Seitz-Krug. Here is a detail photo for you. 

Endless Circle by Joy Hess quilted by Sally Roll 
 Joy's quilt had a nice 2nd Place ribbon on it in the Pieced - Small category. She wrote that she likes playing with color.

Quilt Dreams by Beth Nufer quilted by Shelly Knapp
 This big beauty won the Viewer's Choice Ribbon. Beth's quilt is huge and it was inspired by a jig-saw puzzle by Diane Phalen.

The Pink Lady by Russ Schmidt, quilted by Jan Hutchison
 When I saw this quilt at Paducah this year, it was hanging at such at angle that I couldn't get a good shot of it. Yay! I got a good one this time! 

Circle of  Friends by Barbara Clem
 This was HAND quilted! 

Treedom by Alexandra Zamar 
 I really liked this simple tree. Alexandra doubled her batting and used crystals to embellish her design. 

Imaginary Day by Meredith Yoder 
 Don't ask me why she named it thus. She did say she liked picking the colors though. This was all done by machine. 

All that Glitters by Sharyl Schlieckau 
 Sharyl used both computer guiding and hand quilting. There are some metallic threads in here too. 

Bodacious by Claudia Clark Meyers and Marilyn Badger
 WOW! This was an amazing quilt - I have a few closeups for you to oooo and ahhh over. They collaborated for the whole making of this quilt and created the checker board fans just to see if they could do it!!! 

Gotta love these ladies, ever pushing their skills to greater and greater heights! 

They pieced the fans... 

Glorious patchwork and applique!

Such pretty colors! 

The Challenge by Cathy Benke
 This was her first Mariner's Compass and her design came from Fon's and Porter's Star Quilts. I love these colors. 

Congratulations Neil and Michael by Lee Ann Clary quilted by Sue Pawlowski 
This is a nice medallion quilt is it not?  

My First Trip to Baltimore by Carolyn Stine, quilted by Terry McMillan 
 Carolyn used freezer paper needle turn applique and her quilt won an Honorable Mention ribbon at Paducah in 2013.

Cherry Kisses by Linda McGibbon
This is an original design and was given to her mom. 

Diamond Window by Betty Holroyd, quilted by Jeannie Walleker 
 This came from the pattern  in "String Quilts" by Elsie Campbell. 

Convex Illusions by Mary Martha  Scott 
This quilt kind of sucks you right in doesn't it? There was no pattern listed so I don't know if she made this up or not. The illusion is great though!  

Stars for a New Day by Cyndi Phillip 
 Cyndi took 5 years to make this block of the month quilt - which came from The Quilt Show folks. 

Little LaLoma by Ginny Hoot 
 This little tree frog is another endangered species.

Good Morning Sunshine by Debra Ramsey
I think this is a pretty sweet little wall hanging. It makes me smile. It is hand appliqued and machine quilted.

And last but not least - the Best of Show Quilt! 

Vintage Button Bouquet by Linda Roy 
 Linda was inspired by antique buttons from the 1850's - 80's. This quilt is hand embroidered, hand quilted, and hand appliqued. She stipple quilted, added upside down stuffed yo-yo's and ruching to add texture. This is an original design.

And here is a detail. 

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Well, that is all from the Geier house for this week. I've been on my butt for 3 hours and I'm outta this computer chair!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and see you next week. Hopefully I'll be done quilting that little birch tree scene and will have directions, etc. all ready so I can kit it for my store.

I hope you liked this online quilt show! 


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt show.

  2. Wow, that was great to look through, thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Todos , preciosos , laboriosos y espectaculares
    Enhorabuena desde jardin de patchwork de Rosa

  4. Thank you showed such beauty!

  5. Yes indeed. I too liked this wonderful quilt show. It is second best since we couldn't be there to see it in person. Thank you.

  6. Your quilt jumped out at me at the Shipshewanna quilt show! Your's got my viewer's choice vote! Wish I'd known you attended, as it would have been nice to meet you. Friends and I did the show, shop hop, and school house. It was a very nice show.

    1. Maybe next year? Thanks for the compliments Sharon!

  7. Thanks for sharing these spettacular quilts!