Friday, April 10, 2015

More Quilts from the IQF show in Chicago

"Decisions, Decisions" by Serena Vrnak, quilted by Patricia Harrison
 When you walked into the quilt exhibition you walked under and through a fabulous exhibition of red and white quilts. It was well done and very dramatic - I loved it!

Introspection by Maya Chaimovich 
 I've been fortunate to see Maya's work in another venue. Someday I'd love to create collages, but if I remember right, Maya uses vintage fabrics and clothing and must have a huge stash of cool stuff.

I wasn't the most organized quilt show attendee. I wandered around and went from one special exhibit into another without realizing what I was doing, lol. These next few photos are from the SAQA exhibit "Eye of the Needle" and are quilts which are based on photographs the quilters took themselves.
Bryce Canyon by Susan Jackan 

Venetian Reflections III by Shelly Brucar

I have no idea who made this quilt - SORRY!

Surviving the Storm by Carole Frocillo 

Reflection by Gwyned Trefethen 

Millstones by Casey Puetz

Still Life in Blue by Suzanne Mouton Riggio 

Memories by Jennifer Day

Ok, so after I wandered through the  SAQA Eye of the Needle exhibition I wandered into the Tactile Architecture exhibition. Here are some of the great quilts with buildings. I was blown away by all the details in these quilts! 

Parkside Reflections by Donna Deaver

Midnight in Paris by Gabriella DiTota

Ludmila Aristova - sorry I forgot the name of the quilt. 
 I mentioned that I wandered around? Well here is where things go to pot. I wandered out of  Tactile Architecture and into another exhibition. I'm not bothering to organize the photos because that would take so much time. You see for every photo you see here, I have another of the quilt label and these are all in numerical order so I get the right name with the right quilt when I go to post them.

Clear as mud? I though so, lol.
Summer Wind by Marina Landi and Maria Lucia Azara

Born Free by Denise Sargo 
 WOW! And I have a closeup shot of her stitching. 

Rose Garden by Yoshimi Suzuki 
 And now I've wandered back into Tactile Architecture! 

Japanese Tea Garden by Mary Ann Hildebrand 

Reflection #7 by Donna Deaver 
 This awesome quilt is a reflection of parking garages in a store front window! Amazing! 

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day by Carol Goddu 

Perspective in Threads by Betty Tatum

Glimpses of India by Meena Schaldenbrand 

Moody Beach Maine 1957 by Margot McDonnell

Detail of one of her houses
 And continuing the wander... This is a great example of a modern quilt and the importance of negative space - and the importance of the quilting in the negative space. 
Waterfall and Flowers by Sheri Zalar 

On the River by Mary Ann Van Soest

Jesus the True Vine by Cindy Garcia
 I loved that bright sapphire blue Cindy used in her quilt. It created an unusual color combination and highlighted her design very nicely.  

Carnevale by Sue Krause 

Treedom by Alexandra Zalar 

Spiral Flower Fantasy by Robbi Joy Ecklow 
 I'm not surprised Robbi's middle name is Joy, her quilts are so bright and happy. 

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow
 Her quilting is brilliant - and she won the 1st Place ribbon for Art-Abstract Small

Be Jeweled by Bonnie McCaffrey 
 This was so pretty, I took a detail shot for you. 

Crazy Diamonds by Betty Pillsbury 
 It has been a long time since I've seen a crazy quilt at a show - here is a detail shot of her stitching. 

Happy by Robbi Joy Ecklow

Arizona Starry Night by Alicia Sterna 

Prince Charming's Shoe Sale by Pam Rupert 
 Ah, the good old prince knows how to flatter and flash his white teeth.  Actually, this is a modern fairy tale of Cinderella and her step sisters buying shoes. Look out the window at their pumpkin cars! 

Ring of Stars  by Sharon Hansen 

Tick Tock by Betty Goldsmith
 By this time I had wandered into the Celebrating Silver Exhibition by SAQA. It is the year of their organization's Silver Anniversary. As you'd suspect, the SAQA artists created some marvelous quilts to celebrate. 
Beginnings by Jennifer Day

Arianrhod - Goddess of the Silver Wheel by Sheila Frampton-Cooper 


Art Quilt by Roseline Young 
 I liked all the texture and the different fabrics she used. Here is a detail shot - 

This next quilt amazed me because the figures were formed of cheesecloth and 'sculptured'. 
Precious Time by Mary Pal 
 Here is a detail of the cheesecloth. 

Moonshine by Elena Stokes
 Elena is one of the contributing artists in my book Lovely Landscape Quilts. (Yes, that was a shameless plug!) 

Embracing the Silver Years by Jayne Gaskins
 The hair was wonderful - here is a close up of the thick rich gray head of hair.  Go Grandma! 

Silver Hills by Cynthia St. Charles

Angel of Silver by Wendy Bucey
 Um... I have no idea where I am now but I have 3 more quilts to show you. This one with the bottles was on the cover of Quilting Arts magazine this month - the thread painting is awesome. 

Turning Bottles into Stained Glass by Sara Sharp 

Rhythm and Roses by Karen Eckmeier 

Bohemian III Rain by Sandra Peterson 

Well, that is it for me for this week. I hope you've loved seeing the quilts! It's April and it's raining here in Wisconsin and I ended with a rainy quilt today totally by accident. That means it will be a good weekend. I hope you all have a great week!

Comments welcome. 


  1. Looks like it was a fabulous show with lots of interesting and detailed quilts. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing these unique quilts.

  2. WOW...thanks Cathy for sharing the show with us. These quilts are incredible.