Thursday, October 23, 2014

Interwoven - Done!

 I finally finished the quilting - let me tell you it was a rush job!  After being gone the last month or so, I had to finish the quilt in less than 2 weeks and for me that was fast!  

I chose simple back and forth quilting for the 'weave' blocks.  I had tried a modified feather, a celtic scroll design and a grid.  It just looked messy to me because the quilting design was so hidden by all the colors and prints in the patchwork.
(Yes, I spent 2-3 days ripping out stitches - YUCK).  

Quilting detail
 The tree was the easiest quilting for me. This is because I've quilted so many trees I'm pretty used to it. I just imitate a stylized bark and used a variegated thread so the quilting picks up a little highlight here and there.

Quilting detail of the trefoil
 For the trefoil I chose to make pebbles inside the rings and I used a variegated gold and yellow thread color.  The trefoil is a Celtic symbol for the Trinity (God).  Inside the shapes I just stipple quilted with a variegated blue thread.

The woman - me! (In younger days... before my kids were born, lol).
I stipple quilted the woman with black thread except where the light shines a bit on her skirt and a bit on her back, and I added some hair in black. For the highlights I stippled in a dark blue variegated thread.

Though I'm not entirely pleased with my quilting (I really never am.) I feel like this quilt is a success. It captures my feelings of joy over my love for God, His creation and quilting. (Fabric, patchwork, making pictures, etc.... the whole process - I just love it!)

I'm putting a faced binding on it and then entering it into the National Quilt Museum's 9 Patch contest. Wish me luck! 

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