Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Come Walk with Me, Done!

"Come Walk with Me" by Cathy Geier
 Hi Everyone! I'm done with the quilting and this is the finished quilt. This blog will be very short, sweet and to the point. Last weekend I went to the International Quilt Festival show in Chicago and in a few days I'll be putting together a big ole long blog with lots of photographs of the gorgeous quilts there.  Before I set that one up though I wanted to show you the final images of the quilt I've been working on for the last month or so. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Progress on "Come Walk with Me" quilt and Poetry

Come Walk with Me

 Last week I showed you pretty much all of the nuts and bolts of using a tear-away foundation to piece - it was a LONG blog to put together. This week it will be short and simple. (So I can get back to quilting!)

Last week I pieced the quilt top.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Using a Tear-away Foundation to Piece Squares & Progress on the new Quilt

Detail, Come Walk with Me

If you have my book Lovely Landscape Quilts, then you have read about my technique using a tear-away foundation to piece. Well, let it never be said that I don't show you how I do whatever it is I'm doing! Lol.  Today I'm going to show you how I use a foundation to piece squares and half square triangles.

Much of this material is in my first book - the out of print one - but the one available for about 3-4$ from "Other Sellers" on amazon.  The book is called Watercolor Landscape Quilts.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Caryl Bryer Fallert - Gentry at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum

The interior of the Wisconsin Quilt Museum
 Last weekend hubby and I went to the Wisconsin Quilt Museum to see the Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry's 30 years of Quilts exhibit. WOW!

I took a lot of photographs and this blog is for all of you who won't be able to see this marvelous exhibit.