Strip Applique Class Details

Strip Applique Projects
Successful strip pieced and appliqued landscapes require a small amounts of MANY different fabrics. I used 32 alone in Pink Azaleas at Sunset! Because of this, kits will cost between $25 - $40.  (Kits are difficult to cut, they take a LOT of time and because there are so many different fabrics to purchase they are costly.)

On the other hand, many quilters have large stashes of scraps and may not want to buy a kit. They may in fact have all the fabrics they need!  (Or they may think they do… but really they don’t).

For these reasons, I’m offering to teach this class without requiring kits.  However, students MUST be familiar with the types of fabrics needed to create these kinds of quilts; this is why I’m requiring them to purchase either a kit or my book Lovely Landscape Quilts.  I will be selling my book to students for a greatly reduced cost - $14.  (Basically my cost plus shipping.)

Ideally, students would decide which way they want to take this class 2 months before the class’s scheduled date.  Then I would ship the appropriate number of books to the guild for distribution and students would have at least one month to gather appropriate fabrics.   Or, students may wish to purchase the book directly from my store if they want to buy some fabrics as well.  (I will give your guild a CODE for checkout so students can get the better price.)

Below are larger images of some of the kits I can provide.  

The project called Wildflowers by the Sea is detailed in my book on page 74.  Follow the directions and purchase/bring the appropriate foundation and yardage.  Kit fabrics – including flowers – may vary from what is pictured.  Kits do not contain border fabrics. 

The Class Supply List is at the bottom of this page.

Last Light

Summer Dreams

First Light
Irises at Dawn
Spring Meadow

Class Supply List - for all students

Glue stick for paper - Elmer's is great
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
Iron – each student will need an iron!
A large thin pad to protect the surface of the tables from the iron (this can be a folded sheet, a large bath towel, etc.  Once the strips are lightly basted in place at the tables, the foundation can be taken to an ironing board for steam and heat.)
Monofilament thread and light weight bobbin thread
*Dark Monofilament thread for Last Light project
Sharp scissors to cut out the flowers,leaves or trees
Sewing machine – will not get set up until later in the day
Zig-Zag foot
1-1/2 yards paper backed fusible web
Press cloth - not teflon sheet, but cloth
Pencil or pen for tracing pine tree patterns (First and Last Light) 

All students must be able to use a zig zag stitch with monofilament thread. It would be a  good idea to practice this before class!


  1. Hello, Cathy. I am intrigued by your beginner class however I don't see when/where they are offered. Is it an online class?

    1. No, I don't teach online. This is for guilds and programs volunteers so they can see what will be needed for students to take this class. My schedule of teaching is listed at the bottom of the Lecture/Workshops page. You could also buy my book as it has a chapter explaining my techniques. :)

  2. What type of paper backed fusible web do you recommend?

    1. I like Wonder Under or Steam a Seam Lite. The only one I avoid is Heat/Bond because it can get over fused if you add multiple layers in a collage style; in other words you keep adding flowers or leaves, etc. When that happens all the glue dissolves into the fabric and it won't stick anymore and it's discolored.
      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Cathy. My grandson wants me to make your Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset quilt for his college graduation. I would like to practice before I take on this project. Do you have any kits I can purchase so I can learn the process before I dive into the Blue Ridge challenge? Thanks Janet (

    1. Hi Janet, no I don't. Cutting the kits usually takes me 3 full days and if I were to put a price tag on them it would be pretty high! As a result I only cut them for classes. I'm sorry.
      I'll email you, too. In case you don't get this. :)