Strip Pieced Landscape Workshop Details

These are sample projects for the two day workshop. Successful strip pieced and appliqued landscapes require a small amount of MANY different fabrics. Because of this, kits will cost around $30-35.  (Kits are difficult to cut, they take a LOT of time and because there are so many different fabrics to purchase they are costly.)

On the other hand, many quilters have large stashes of scraps and may not want to buy a kit. They may in fact have all the fabrics they need!  (Or they may think they do… but really they don’t).

For these reasons, I’m offering to teach this class without requiring kits.  However, students MUST be familiar with the types of fabrics needed to create these kinds of quilts; this is why I’m requiring them to purchase either a kit or my book Lovely Landscape Quilts.  I will be selling my book to students for a greatly reduced cost - $14.  (Basically my cost plus shipping.)

Ideally, students would decide which way they want to take this class 2 months before the class’s scheduled date.  Then I would ship the appropriate number of books to the guild for distribution and students would have at least one month to gather appropriate fabrics.   Or, students may wish to purchase the book directly from my store if they want to buy some fabrics as well.  (I will give your guild a CODE for checkout so students can get the better price.)

Directions and supplies needed to re-create these quilts can be found in my book.  Students may choose which beginning project they would like make.  I will email the Supply List for students wishing to bring their own fabrics. (Otherwise, supplies and materials needed are itemized in my book.)

Please contact me for further questions.  Project samples will be shipped to the guild 3-6 months before the scheduled workshop so the guild may advertise and fill the class. I would prefer to keep classes between 15 - 20 students maximum.  (Classes with 20-25 students will cost an extra $50.)

Thanks for your interest!

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