Autumn Birches for RJR featuring Danscapes by Dan Morris

Autumn Birches by Cathy Geier for RJR Fabrics featuring Danscapes by Dan Morris

Hi there! Since you've reached my page here, let me tell you what it is all about. These are LARGE HUGE high resolution photographs to help YOU make this quilt. They are intended to go along with the project pattern's written instructions and are not 'stand alone' step by steps.

The GOOD news is that this pattern is FREE from RJR as a download from their site. Just follow the link and download it if you like the pattern.

Autumn Birches

Feel free to print out these photos if you like, or if you have a viewing device in your sewing room, you might be able to see more details from the photos here then on the actual paper pattern.

These photos follow the steps you see written on your pattern. Have fun! 

Step 1 Creating the background. 

Step 2. Gluing, pinning and sewing the bottom over the top.

Step 3. Messy cut green leaves. Print this out as a template if you need to - this picture can be printed out as full size. (It should fill and 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.) 

Step 4. Messy cut light golden leaves. Use the BACK side of this fabric. Print this out as a template if you need to - this picture can be printed out as full size. (It should fill and 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.) 

Step 5. Messy cut orange leaves. Print this out as a template if you need to - this picture can be printed out as full size. (It should fill and 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.) 

Step 6. Arranging the patches. Use the Right side of the green patches on the bottom of the landscape and the WRONG side of the green patches at the top. Don't bother filling up the bottom 4-6 inches. 

Step 7. Cutting out the birch tree trunks

Step 8. Shading the left side of each tree trunk with light gray markers.

Step 9. Shading with darker gray markers after Step 8.

Step 10. Don't use the darker gray on the thicker tree trunks.

Step 11. Draw a line down the left side of each tree trunk.

Step 12. Use an Ultra Fine Point marker to add horizontal lines and texture to the tree trunks.

Step 13. Add black splotches.

Closeup of the finished tree trunks. Look close and you can see where I colored over some of the black splotches with the white fabric marker.

Step 15. Fussy cutting red leaves.

Step 16. Arranging skinny tree trunks and red leaves.

Close-up to help you see how to put the leaves and trunks together.

Step 18. All the skinny tree trunks and red leaves are glued down.

Step 19. Continuing to add tree trunks and foliage to the foreground. Add some messy cut patches from the light golden leaves - the RIGHT side over the top of the SKINNY tree trunks. 

Step 20. Cutting off an angled corner from the remaining piece of cream fabric.

Step 21. Arrange and glue down skinny branches.

Step 22. Round off thick branch ends.

Step 23. Adding U shaped curved splotches under the branches which grow from the tree trunk centers. 

Step 24. Shade the underside of each branch with a black marker. 

Step 25. Scuff up the branches a bit - LIGHTLY - with the black marker.

Step 26.  Finished design. Time to sew! 

All Done!  I chose not to add border fabrics, you might want to though.

Once again, these photos are designed to augment the written pattern instructions! Print them out as you see fit and I hope you had a lot of fun making this quilt.

Currently, I'm in the process of making a similar quilt with more Danscapes fabrics of RJR, this one will be a spring forest scene. You'll have one for spring and summer and one for fall and winter.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 


  1. Bello tu trabajo y gracias por compartir tu tecnica desde Chile te saludo

  2. Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing how you did this!! :-)

  3. I recently purchased this kit and anxious to get it started. Thanks so much for the extra info. Can I call you if I need help? lol

    1. Sure - email though - we don't have to fill up the blog. ( Just go slow and between these pics and the instructions I bet you'll do fine. Have fun!

  4. This is beautiful and I never thought of using markers for accents! I can't find the crayon demo, where is it?

    1. I've done a few blogs showing how I use crayons, the most recent one is this one.

      They are really easy to use and add great texture to lighter colored backgrounds in these forest scenes. :)

      Thanks for the compliments!

  5. I realize this post is from a while back, but the pattern is no longer available from the link above. Is there anywhere else I can access it?

    1. Alas no, the fabrics aren't even around anymore. If you email me I can send you the directions in a word.doc that you might find helpful but they apply to the RJR fabrics so I'm not sure you'd find it useful. I'm at in case you are interested. :)

  6. Would you please send me the pattern: Autumn Birches too?

    1. I'm sorry I don't have the pattern. I sold it to RJR. I hope you can find similar fabrics and try your hand at making something like it.

  7. I just found your Autumn Birches tutorial site. I would love to make this quilt. Any suggestions since it is no longer on RJR fabrics website.

    1. I guess just keep your eyes open for similar fabrics? You could also look at my Pinterest boards Autumn Blaze and Spring Birches for another tutorial on putting these forest scene landscapes together.